Obsidian Showcases: Canvas Dashboard, Homepage, Book Tracker, & More

Showcases to inspire your obsidian journey

Prakash Joshi Pax


Obsidian is a blank Canvas.

You are free to choose your style and workflow. While this flexibility offers endless possibilities, it can sometimes leave newcomers feeling overwhelmed by choice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what and how other users are using the app?

That’s precisely the inspiration behind this article.

In this edition of Obsidian showcases, I will share some dashboards and workflows used by the Obsidian users.

All of these showcases are collected from the Obsidian Discord group.

Tracking in daily note

This is a showcase shared by massivenezia.

It has a multi-column layout with a journal diary on the left and a habit tracker on the right. The habit tracker is based on this dataviewjs code shared by max.



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