Obsidian Projects: A Better Way to Manage Text-Based Projects in Obsidian

Get rid of all the redundant plugin.

Prakash Joshi Pax
5 min readNov 19, 2022


Manage projects inside obsidian

Obsidian is great for writing but not that much for planning and organization. But the plugin we’re talking about today fills that gap in obsidian.

The plugin is called obsidian projects. And it stands by its name. It helps you to manage your projects inside obsidian. It helps to visualize your notes for project management.

It seems to somehow replace other plugins like kanban view, Fantasy calendar, and database folder plugin. All of these views are integrated within this plugin. And guess what, you can switch between all of these views.

Let me walk you through the setup process of the plugin and how to start managing your projects right inside of obsidian.

Installing the plugin

Go to the community plugins section and search for ‘Projects’ by Marcus Olsson. Install and enable the plugin.

How does this plugin work?

This plugin treats projects as a collection of notes. Once you have added your query for the notes, it collects data from the frontmatter and displays it in different views like table, calendar, gallery, and board.

How to create a new project

Go to the command palette and search for ‘Projects’.

Click on create a new project. A new window will appear for the configuration of our project. Let’s explore the configuration

  • Use Dataview: This plugin does queries in two ways. One is using the dataview plugin, other is using paths. If you enable the dataview query, the project will be read-only. Therefore, I will not use the dataview query here.
  • Include subfolders: If you use path query, this option determines whether you include the subfolders of the…



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