New Obsidian Plugins: CSS, File Protection, Colored Tags, Plugin Manager & More

New additions to the Obsidian plugin library

Prakash Joshi Pax


Welcome to another edition of the Obsidian Community Plugin series. Here, we bring you the newest and most useful plugins for the Obsidian.

As the Obsidian community continues to expand, new plugins are constantly being developed, adding to the tool’s already impressive functionality.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the latest and most noteworthy plugins added to Obsidian. So, let’s jump right in and explore the new & useful Obsdian plugin.

Editor Width Slider

This plugin allows you to adjust the width of the editor. With a simple slider in the status bar, you can tailor the workspace to your preference. It adds flexibility to enhance readability and overall editing experience in Obsidian.

Auto FrontMatter

Whenever you create or modify a note, this plugin springs into action, adding essential details such as title, ID, creation time, and the last updated time. This ensures consistency and accuracy in your metadata without any manual work.


Badges allow you to create custom inline callouts to your notes.

For example:

`[!!emergency: emergency]`
`[!!prohibit: prohibit]`

`[!!reward: reward]`
`[!!vault: vault]`

Changes to


Hide Folders

As the name says, this plugin helps to hide folders in your vault. Whether it’s to reduce distractions or simply maintain a neater interface, you can easily toggle the visibility of…



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