How to Create Notion Like Database In Obsidian

Replicate Notion’s Database workflow in Obsidian

Prakash Joshi Pax
4 min readJun 9, 2022


create notion like database table in obsidian
A notion like database table in obsidian

Obsidian is being more powerful every single day. The supportive community and developers who are building new and feature-rich plugins are the powers of obsidian.

Rafael Gomez's Obsidian Database folder was a recent addition to the obsidian community plugin. This plugin allows you to create a Notion-like database in your obsidian vault. In this article, I will walk you through a tutorial on how to use this plugin.

How to Create Notion like database in Obsidian

Step 1: Install the Database Folder plugin and configure it

Obsidian database folder plugin

Once you have installed the plugin, enable it and go to options. There you will see different options and configure them as you find necessary.

database folder plugin settings

Step 2: Install & configure the Dataview plugin

Dataview is the most powerful plugin obsidian has. This database folder plugin also uses the search engine of the dataview plugin. Therefore you need to install it before you can use the database folder.

Dataview plugin is the best for creating databases in obsidian but it doesn’t allow editing the database. That’s where the database folder plugin shines.

Install the dataview plugin, and enable the following three options.

dataview plugin settings

Step 3: Creating a Database in Obsidian

You can either create a completely new database or use existing files to create a database. Whatever you do, the process is the same. Let’s create a new database for tutorial purposes. Follow the steps:



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