Downloadable Public Vaults For Obsidian

Take inspiration and learn from others

Prakash Joshi Pax
4 min readMar 30


Obsidian is a powerful note-taking tool. But as a starter, it is hard, to begin with. It’s like a canvas that allows you to do anything. This can make you overwhelmed as you don’t know where to start with.

In this article, we will explore some of the downloadable public vaults. This can help you learn from the ideas and implementation of successful users. These vaults can help you get started and improve your current system.

The sweet setup starter vault

This is a simple vault that will take you through the different ideas on personal knowledge management and how to practice it in obsidian. This is like a collection of articles that will help you learn more about the system.

PARA starter kit

This is a simple vault that implements Tiago Forte’s Second brain system: The PARA method. You can take a look at how this system works. How the hierarchy of folders is maintained. You can manage different areas and different projects in the folder structure.

Obsidian template starter kit

A simple starter vault with templates examples to help you build your knowledge base.

Potato starter template

This is a really cool obsidian vault. But it's filled with plugins. I don’t know if all the plugins installed serve a purpose or not.



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